When the Balance Was Restored

Galerie mladých 08 11 — 02 12
opening — 7 11 2017

č: man has never created anything absolute...
s: all the horizons of historical epochs had one thing in common, they were there to hide ignorance and the fear of the void

Jakub Roček’s two-channel video installation prophesies a future in which the machine is no longer in the role of a slave, people no longer live on Earth, and stone is no longer an object. In the new environment, there is also a new light, in which the eye does not see the hitherto known reality, but is shown a new reality, yet unknown. It is not distorted or twisted, it is there to replace the old reality in its totality. The established categories in which we are accustomed to interpret the world hang on by a thin thread.

Jakub Roček (1989, Brno) graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts (Brno University of Technology) in the Drawing and Graphics studio under the guidance of Svätopluk Mikyta (2015). The course of his work has gone from graphics and drawing through installation to video and film. A key motif of his work is the consideration of the limits of life in virtual animation. He lives and works in Prague.