Radim Scholaster and Pavel Šuráň are curators of the Olomouc exhibition hall of contemporary funerary art HROB (*2015). In their gallery project, they work with the expressive means of ritual. They use it to set up a pleasant climate or natural environment for the consumption of spiritual artwork praised and viewed with the principle of friendliness so that the passionate artist feels satisfied when presenting their installation. The curators use flashy acronyms and a Labachian-comics conception of history (or historical utopia) in inventing or carrying out rituals. In doing so, they feel themselves to be a company producing turn-key rituals, exerting their ritual lobby on collaborators, extras, and audience alike. For the exhibition at Galerie TIC, they are preparing an installation with a study of ritual as a clash of different ideological backgrounds.

Born in Prostějov, David Bartoš (*1993) and frontman of the band Chilly Weather entered the art scene several years ago as an art student at the Faculty of Education at Palacký University in Olomouc, where his artistic expression towards intermediality and conceptual approaches took shape. He later enriched his Olomouc experience and the influence of the teacher and artist Vladimír Havlík with the simultaneous perspective of the environmental studio of Barbara Klímová and Matěj Smetana at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno. His positive relationship to nature, connected among others with active mountaineering, was reflected in a number of environmental events and happenings (e.g. carrying of stones up Kosíř hill in Štemberov) or land art interventions in the landscape. 

*Nametest is the horoscope of today* (Josef Mrva)
Mája, Mary, esomary, krvavamera, (c) merry, Mary Meixner – Marie Meixnerová’s (* 1986) personality and artistic expressions are characterised above all by her thoughtful transformations of identities, her courage to go to the core and her astonishing work productivity. As a media theorist, she has consistently reflected on non-art aesthetics, the post-internet and social networks through her extensive publishing and editorial activities (25fps, Flash Art, Fotograf, Cinepur, A2, etc.). Her activities in this field culminated in the realization of the pioneering anthology #mm net art – internet art in virtual and physical spaces of presentation. She was influenced fundamentally by her work as a dramaturge of the PAF Film Animation and Contemporary Art festival in Olomouc, which literally got under her skin when she had the PAF logo tattooed on her arm as a performative art project.

Radim Měsíc (* 1988) gained his first artistic impulses in the graffiti scene in his native Prostějov, where as a teenager he was particularly interested in street art, especially in creating original DIY stickers. While creating these so-called stickerky, he first tried spray paint, acrylics, graphic programs or printing on a needle printer. Nowadays, Měsíc is mainly known as a graphic designer associated with the poster culture in Olomouc. While studying film theory and history at Palacký University, he made his name by creating posters for the Pastiche Filmz film club, where he produced unique posters for regular screenings week after week from 2010 to 2015. His style quickly became well-known, and he gradually expanded his portfolio to include the design of festivals (L I T R, AFO, Majáles, etc.) or music media, typesetting and graphic design of professional publications.